How To Make Great Passes In Youth Volleyball

You can utilize volleyball drills for youth to assist you in passing to your setter, serve over the net, and spike the ball with good hand placement. Drills should be simple, short, and concentrated. The young athlete is laying the groundwork for future success in the sport. More than in the past, children nowadays do not play as they used to. Boys and girls could develop balance, coordination, and confidence through play. Many children prefer to sit in front of a screen in today’s environment rather than play in the yard or a neighborhood park. Proprioception and coordination may take some time to develop.

Popcorn Ball

This is a drill where the athlete can practice passing using only one arm. Allow the athlete to hit the ball twice with one arm before switching to the other. For a total of 2-3 minutes, alternate arms. A tiny bump followed by a large bump would be a good progression for this. This simple practice may be done with the team or at home.

Triangle Drill

Form a triangle with three players, each standing several feet apart. One athlete will hit, while the other two will toss. The player will move to the side until they come face to face with a tosser. The tosser tosses the ball to the player, who bumps it back and shuffles across to the other tosser. The second tosser should begin as soon as the first tosser has caught the ball. This will put the player’s quickness and response time to the test, as well as their ability to plant their feet and hit a target.

Solo Passing

This is a drill that can be completed by you. Volleyball and a solid wall surface are required of the player. Pass the ball close to the wall to begin. Back up slowly, making longer and longer passes. Then re-enter the room. The athlete might also use a single arm.

Here Coach Michael Kane shows how to pass to yourself and backset to your partner.

Source: Volleyball Skills and Drills with Michael Kane

Spiking Drills:

Spiking drills allow athletes to work on both offense and defense simultaneously. These workouts teach players how to quickly switch from defensive to an offensive mode to keep their opponent from scoring.

Blocking Drills:

Deflection, player coverage between blockers, and other well-timed defensive methods are used in blocking drills to prepare athletes to prevent attack hits from their opponent.

Passing drills teach players how to maintain ball control when passing with fundamental skills. These drills lay the groundwork for successful passing and are essential for on-court success.

Here Coach Santiago Restrepo demonstrates several blocking drills. 

Source: Play Better Volleyball: Blocking and Defense

Game-Like Volleyball Drill:

Volleyball is similar to the game Drills is suitable for players of all ages and abilities. This drill aims to develop an athlete’s technique and skill set while playing in a game-like setting that mimics the game as nearly as possible.


Keep the practice as close to a game as feasible.

Require players to line up in the front row adjacent to antennas on both sides, with one squad hitting outside and the other hitting right.

Maintain the exact defensive alignment when playing on the big court: line defender near the sideline, middle back defender near own playing position.

Encourage hitters to take a proper approach following the pass and pay attention to time during each set.

Neil Brown
Author: Neil Brown

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